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Woodhouse Features

Lamps and Design Features

The custom exterior lamps and original interior central staircase, help to form a new identity for Woodhouse. 

Originally designed to house a Viking themed ride, Woodhouse was transformed into a Lounge and Burger Bar, in 2013. It is located next to the main fountains in the heart of Tivoli Gardens.  


Transforming from day to night, the Tivoli Flower Lamps and Harlequin Pendent owe their inspiration to Tivoli’s iconic evening illumination and flower gardens. The facade update includes vertical gardens and a large window array opening to the garden. 

Designed while working for Tivoli, Copenhagen.

Design Elements: Will Gurley 

Tivoli Architect: Jonathan Gress Wright 

Architect: Søren Robert Lund 

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