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Tivoli Hotel Expansion

Tivoli Design Features and Interior Design

In 2015, The Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center added a new tower to its existing hotel and updated the original hotels lobby and lobby bar.  

The off site hotel plays pairs nostalgic Tivoli Icons with contemporary art and design. Designed to give guests a truly modern Tivoli experience. The hotel is family friendly while remaining tasteful business travellers and full of Tivoli quality. 

The new tower includes a business lobby, and lounge along side two additional restaurants; 282 rooms and 42 conference and meeting rooms. This adds to the congress centers existing 396 rooms, original two restaurants, and leisure facilities. 

Designed while working for Tivoli, Copenhagen.

Location: Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center,
Design: Will Gurley, Thomas Winkler, Anna Xene and Interior Gruppen 

Client: Arp Hansen Hotel Group

Entry Lobby
Tivoli Hotel Towers
Ballerina Lamp
Firework Lamps
Double High Rooms
Firework Lamps
Firework Lamps night
Light Lounge
Light Lounge
Tivoli View
Tivoli View
Wall Paper
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