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Russian Christmas 

Design and Ornamentation 

To highlight the 2011 Christmas season, Tivoli created an elaborate Russian Christmas Village, complete with rides, shopping / dining experiences and an iconic central cathedral, in the heart of Copenhagen. This seasonal spectacle drew large crowds out into the cold to experience this themed holiday happening.


Taking cues from contemporary design the hybrid style of ornament and architectural features unify Russian and Tivoli motifs. This can be seen in the villages slot- together Russian roof tops which were created in birchply using a waterjet cutter. 

Designed while working for Tivoli, in 2011.

Developed In-house at Tivoli Creative Development
Design and Ornamentation: Will Gurley

Cathedral Architect: Franca Zeller Christmas Scenography: Jacob Heleinius

Color: Thomas Winkler
Signage: Maria Hviid Bengtson

Fabrication: CPH Project 

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