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Pimp My Hope

Building Hope for the Future 

‘Pimp My Hope’ was a series of childrens workshops at The Danish National Museum. It was developed to coenside with the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Convention, the National Museums ‘Klima’ exhibtiion and CO2 E-RACE a stustainable transport parade. A creative collaboration between Will Gurley and Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen, the series of workshops promote creativity and innovation while acting as a great forum for discussing the values of electric cars.

Children were encuraged to write and draw their hopes for the future on the large hope car. They were also given their own kit to make a cardboard car so they could take a little hope with them. The project title is inpired by the Hope Whisper, Denmarks first electric car.

Location: The Danish National Museum, Copenhagen, DK


Design: Will Gurley and Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen

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