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National Parks Development
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National Parks Development
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National Parks


An Exhibition at Carbondale Arts

"National Parks Development" is a parody about the development of the natural world. The exhibition was held at the Launch Pad in Carbondale, Colorado in 2019.


The show displayed alternative uses for the National Parks and nature, turning these national treasures into recreational, industrial and commercial facilities.  The works investigated and explore the shortcomings of modern development and humanity’s disregard, control and commodification of nature. Displaying alternative uses for America’s natural splendour. 

Along side the watercolor paintings and sculptures the show featured collaged historic landscape paintings from the Hudson River School. This collection was memorialised in a book called New American Romantic and you can GET YOUR COPY HERE.

Read this Outside Magazine article for more insights and thoughts about the show.

Location:  The Launchpad. Carbondale, CO

Dates: April 5-27, 2019  

Hosted by: Carbondale Arts

Featured as part of: 5Point Adventure Film Festival

Gallery Manager: Brian Colley

Curator: Laura Stover

Gallery Photos: Ian D. Edquist

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