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'Travel into space and become a master of the stars in Tivoli’s new interactive ride the Astronomen (Astronomer in Danish). The Central Observatory with its moving telescope and satellites is surrounded by interactive lamp posts. Riders can guide their Spaceships or Telescope vehicles up and down to collect flashing stars, to activate light and sounds. It’s good fun for everyone so, reach for the stars.' 

Tivoli's Astronomen is a ride re-theme

Astronomy themed update to existing ride in Tivoli, previously called Nautilus. 

Designed while working for Tivoli, Copenhagen. Tivoli Creative Development.


Theming Design: Will Gurley 

Lighting: Jesper Kongshaug 

Senior Architect: Jonathan Gress Wright

Color: Thomas Winkler 

Signage: Maria Hviid Bengtson

Project Management: Jesper Norremann

Fabricator: Zierer Rides

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