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Designed for the Tivoli's Merry Corner

Tivoli's Merry Corner is a reinterpretation of the past instilled with space travel experiences. Inspired by the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, Northern Renaissance Architecture coincides with the wonders of the stars. 


Aquila is a thrill ride, themed as a giant solar system model with the earth at its center. This is fitting with Tycho Brahe model of the universe. The rides vehicles are eagles and, Aquila takes its name from this, as means eagle in latin. It also refers to Zeus' eagle Aquila the keeper of his lighting bolts; it is also a constellation documented by Tycho Brahe. 

Designed while working for Tivoli, Copenhagen.

Ride Theming: Will Gurley

Platform: Jonathan Gress Wright

Color: Thomas Winkler

Signage: Maria Havvid Benson 

Ride Manufacturer:  Zamperla , Italy

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